Service Offerings
Business Support Services

Extensive corporate, non-profit, and small business experience enables us to offer a broad selection of services to your organization.  These pages describe a few of our service offerings.  
We look forward to discussing your particular service requirements.  Please
contact us to
obtain additional information.

Small Enterprise Specials

We can work with you to develop a business logo or use your existing business identifier to
develop business cards, stationery, brochures, fliers, and other materials for your business.  

If you do not have an Internet presence and would like information about your business to be
available online, we will work with you to establish a web site that is designed to deliver your
message in a simple and straightforward manner.


We publish your document in the medium that best suits your business needs, hard copy,
electronic media or, web.  
Contact us to  discuss your document needs.

Property Management Services

Rental Assistance                                                        
    - Advertising                                          
    - Monthly rent statements                                                        
    - Preparation of rental and lease applications and agreements                                        
    - Manage inspections, checklist, and security deposit refund reports
    - Show property to prospective tenants                                                        

Maintenance Assistance                                                        
We respond to tenant needs by expeditiously scheduling service providers.  We work closely
with a skilled building maintenance service provider who handles all maintenance and repair
requests and performs renovations when required.  (To see an example of a kitchen
renovation, roll your mouse over the building image to the right.)   
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Property Management