Welcome to barbhsolutions.com. Thanks for exploring our site. The site provides a brief introduction to BarbHunt and an overview of her professional experience. We hope to interest you in learning more about how we might serve your organization. Our professional experience was developed over many decades as a corporate employee, beginning in IT operations and concluding as Director of Software Engineering. This was followed by more than a decade as manager of a family rental property business, resulting in a 60 percent increase in revenue. We enjoy the gratification of tackling a challenging project and bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion. If your business will benefit from the service of an on demand professional, available as needed, consider this working retiree. We will apply extensive corporate and business experience to provide excellent service to your organization. Working from home, we provide affordable, reliable professional services to a broad spectrum of organizations, including small businesses, non-profit organizations, and corporate enterprises. We strive for long term client relationships by delivering consistently reliable service. The following summary of experience shows the diverse nature of our work experience.

Summary of Experience

Software Engineering
Software Education
Software Support
Service Delivery
Rental Property Management
General Business

Project Management
Software Product Release Delivery
Software Curriculum Delivery
Non-profit facilities projects
Small business facilities projects

Software Education

Additional Knowledge and Experience
Customer Support Center
Application Software Development
Data Center Operations

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Project plans and status reports
Statements, other client communications
Documentation content and web content updates

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MBA, Information Systems
Certificates (UCSC Extension)
* Project Management
* Counseling