BarbHunt Solutions

Thanks for exploring  In addition to our primary offering of business
services, you will find diverse elements of the person, BarbHunt, referenced on this site.  I am
an IT professional.  Thirty-five years of corporate experience provide the foundation for the
services that I offer as a  freelance professional.  Those services include small business
support packages, property management, document services, and others.  Incidentally, I am
also a creative artist.  You will see examples of my work as you browse.      

How can we help you?

As an on-call freelancer, I am eager to accept projects requiring focused attention from a
skilled, independently motivated worker.  I work from home, eliminating the need for on site
office and equipment facilities.  My service commitment to you is to deliver very satisfactory
results with each and every project.  If you are a small business owner who spends your days
on the job site, delegate the 'paper work' to me.  I am your virtual assistant.

Here are a few examples of work that you can delegate to us:

Project plans and reports
    Project data entry and report generating assistance for your project managers.

Spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and associated reports


Record keeping

Documentation content and web content updates

Proficiency acquired through:
35 years of IT and corporate

Information Technology,
Financial, Non-profit, and small
business organizations.

Successful delivery of software
products and software
education products, non-profit
projects, and small business
support services.

Diverse management
experience, including software
engineering management, non-
profit business administration,
and property management.
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