About Us
The Business

We provide affordable, reliable professional services to small businesses, non-profit
organizations, and corporate enterprises.

We have leveraged corporate experience and technical skills to provide assistance to
businesses of various sizes and disciplines.  See sample cases

We strive for long term client relationships by delivering consistently reliable service.

The Person

Here is a brief summary of my professional background:
Freelance Contractor
    Affordable, reliable
    business support  
    services available to
    large and small business.

Creative Arts
    As an introduction to
    BarbHunt, I am also
    sharing my personal
    interests.  The painting
    shown below is my work,
    representing  a heart
    overflowing with love for
    humanity. It is entitled,
      "Love Abundantly."
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    Software Engineering
    Software Education
    Software Support Service Delivery
    General Business
Project Management
    Software Product Release Delivery
    Software Curriculum Delivery
    Non-profit facilities projects
    Small business facilities projects
Software Education
Additional Technical Experience
    Customer Support Center
    Application Software Development
    Data Center Operations
Software Application Knowledge & Skills
    All 'standard' business applications
    MBA, Information Systems
    Certificates (UCSC Extension)
        Project Management
Other Interests
I am a creative artist.  The painting shown here is my work entitled, "Love Abundantly."  Rollover this
image to view "Heal."