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Application software proficiency is a fundamental requirement of today's business professional.  
We are providing samples of our work to show our familiarity with a range of business software
applications, from standard office applications to graphical design and web development.

PowerPoint Presentation:  Service Offerings
Many small business owners are actively
engaged in the delivery of the service of their
profession, seeking time for administrative  
work at the end of a long work day.  We can
assist by providing services on an hourly "as
needed" basis, or through discounted retainer
arrangements.  The presentation introduces
the concept of a group retainer, shared
services and shared cost among multiple
small businesses at affordable rates.
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Web Development
We offer basic web development services.  
The exhibit of multiple documents includes a
one-page example of a simple web layout that  
was created for a client.

View additional examples of basic web
development at these locations:
View example 1.            View example 2.
PowerPoint Presentation:  
Demonstration of Slide Animation
This clip presents a brief perspective on the
technology evolution that has evolved to Cloud
computing.  Technology evolves to address
our demands.  Today, it seems to define the
way that we live, work, and play.  The Cloud is
an element in the continuum of technological
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Exhibit of Multiple Documents:  View now.
The objective is to show our proficiency and
aptitude with respect to application software
by providing a varied set of documents
created with various software applications.

MS Project Gantt Chart.  
We use MS Project to plan and manage
project progress.  The exhibit includes a high
level Gantt chart.
MS Word
A contractual document.
A training research report.
Graphical Examples
MS Excel charts and graphs.
Basic architectural layouts.
Basic web page layout.
Logo concepts.